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Verified License Position (VLP) for Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular SaaS/Cloud provider for CRM, Marketing and Cloud computing. But beware, the cloud subscription does not mean that you pay only for what you use. By default, the cloud environment is opened up to full functionality, though this can in many cases be significantly reduced with a so-called ‘restricted use’ license. If you choose to do this, however, do take care to closely monitor compliance in order to avoid high fines and penalties. A ‘Salesforce VLP’ will provide you with the insight you need.  

Frequently encountered risks with Salesforce


  • Salesforce is set to ‘full use’ by default, so you have access to all the functionality, but not everyone uses this, or is even allowed to use it.
  • The metrics may differ per customer/quote/contract.
  • Due to the complexity of licensing situations, Salesforce developers (third parties) are often insufficiently aware of your licensing agreements and can therefore inadvertently add functionality for which you are not licensed.
  • Salesforce’s database and reporting tools are extensive but also very complicated: without the right knowledge, it is difficult to pin down what the actual usage is.
  • We often see that Role Based Access & Control has not been (correctly) set up within a Salesforce environment… consequently, usage is not optimally defined for different types of users, which exposes you to risks like excessive use and unrestricted access to all available information.
Verified License Position Salesforce

In control with VLP

The Verified License Position (VLP) aims to identify your current license position within Salesforce. Using the VLP, ITAM solutions will compare contract conditions with actual usage by completing the following steps:

 C&LEM scan > Here we take a look at the rights and obligations arising from the contract agreements with Salesforce.

  • Usage reports > Our specialist will indicate what information is required to construct an accurate picture of the usage within Salesforce and provide support where necessary.
  • Analysis > The data is correlated, checked and analyzed.
  • VLP report > Detailed report containing status of your license position(s).

Recommendations for improvement

Upon completion of the analysis, the VLP report will provide a clear-cut picture of your current position, which will allow you to start the optimization phase:
risk mitigation and cost savings.
The VLP is also excellent leverage in contract negotiations and is the foundation for the expert, practical advice ITAM solutions will provide you with to support your next steps towards improvement. This way you minimize (compliancy) risks, save money and are exceptionally well-prepared for a possible audit.

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