Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

How do you ensure compliance? Do you know what you are entitled to, how it is being used and if that use is within the set boundaries of the software publisher? Understanding what the state of compliance is and remediating issues is challenging. Our consultants are able to decipher the grey within contracts, set out applicable rules and test your applicable use cases towards those agreed in the contracts. Identifying issues and providing actionable insights to remediate these issues or optimize and realize cost savings. That is exactly whay our Verified License Position Reporting service entails.

With the Verified License Position (VLP) report you are better prepared for audits, knowing what your compliance issues are and being able to remediatethem in time. Additionally inventory of usage and comparing these to your entitlements usually provide valuable insights on optimizing your estate and realizing cost savings. Being prepared for your software renewal/true-up moments,and pro-actively taking charge of your IT environment.


Concrete benefits of our Verified License Position Reporting service

Creating insight

A VLP reports create insight regarding both compliance issues and optimization potential.

Fueling SAM

VLPreports provide a roadmap with actionable insights to execute.


VLPreports transform the organization towards a more proactive approach.


Enabling organizations to take charge by identifying issues and opportunities.


Which added value do clients experience?

Clients making use of our VLP reporting service have a better understanding regarding their software usage, compliance and potential to optimize of the specified software publisher. Almost always leading to either cost avoidances or savings. Annually we identify issues, risks and optimization potential running into millions of euro’s for our clients.Providing actionable insights and enabling our clients monetize as much as possible.

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