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Verified License Position reporting


In practice, there tends to be a difference between software used and the number of underlying licenses in an organization – which creates certain (financial) risks. With a Verified License Position (VLP) report, you know exactly where you stand and you can take targeted action.

The VLP aims to accurately identify your current license position. It is deployed per software publisher for a specific product or product group (for example all Linux licenses). After data collection and completion, you will have a clear-cut view of the current situation. ITAM solutions’ tailored advice will support your next steps towards improvement. By minimizing compliance risks, for example, savings costs in the software budget.

Additionally, completion of a VLP means you are ‘audit-ready’ for that specifically screened section. Many of our clients regularly deploy VLPs to monitor and manage the license position for randomly selected publishers or products.

Our work method for a finely tuned VLP

Steps Actions Responsible
1 Kick-off with all stakeholders: we discuss our work method, the step-by-step action plan and our mutual expectations. ITAM solutions & customer
2 Data collection: the team collates the necessary data with aid of a clear set of provided instructions. Customer
3 Questionnaire: We use a well-thought out questionnaire to determine whether we have all the required data, and if that obtained data is correct. Any data gaps are corrected to complete the data input. Customer
4 Data analysis: the License Specialist analyzes all the data and any additional information. ITAM solutions
5 VLP report: we prepare and present a full report outlining our advise and added value. ITAM solutions

Our added value


  • Providing you with a comprehensible overview of your contract and all associated licenses
  • Ensuring your license position per product/selected publisher is clearly visible and precise
  • Advising you on possible steps to be taken towards compliance
  • Advising you on possible steps to be taken towards optimization/cost savings
  • Identifying the top 5 direct action steps for optimization


Good to know

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