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How do you ensure uptime and availability for your users? Are your engineers and technical support swamped with managing business critical databases, storage, servers, change requests and incidents? Managing the infrastructure for your SAM tool is often seen as secondary, but is of high importance. Completely relieving the (work)load of your engineers and technical support. Safeguarding that the IT infrastructure of your SAM tooling/application is available  is what our Technical Infrastructure Management (TIM) service brings to your organization.

Our skilled specialists will ensure that the mandatory IT infrastructure for your SAM application/tooling is up to date with the latest technical requirements and remains available at all times. Hosting your SAM application/tooling on our stable infrastructure will enable you to focus on more important activities such as  providing SAM insight and follow-up with corresponding actions.


Concrete benefits of our Technical Infrastructure Management service (TIM)


Our specialists have many years of experience managing SAM tool supporting IT infrastructures from SMB to Enterprise customers worldwide.


TIM ensures the supporting IT infrastructure is available and monitored at all times.


TIM ensures the mandatory IT infrastructure meets the latest requirements.


TIM enables you to direct your attention to what matters to you, providing SAM insight and  corresponding actions.

Hands-off availability

Availability becomes our responsibility. Safeguarding uptime will become a thing of the past for your engineers.

Our added value

Our experience and focus.

Which added value do clients experience?

Clients we support through Technical Infrastructure Management can rest assured their SAM application/tooling infrastructure is in expert and experienced hands. They are able to focus on what matter most – using the tool – instead of managing it, worrying about availability, uptime and how to avoid.

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