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Adjusting your application from a technical perspective and keeping it up-to-date can be challenging. How do you ensure that your SAM application is delivered to end users? That the application is working as intended throughout its lifetime and providing you with the required (accurate) overviews to manage your IT landscape? Relieving the (work)load of your  application owners and safeguarding that your SAM tooling/application is up-to-date and available is what our Technical Application Management service brings to your organization.

Our certified  specialists will ensure that your SAM application is available and works as intended. Our team will provide you with tips and periodically check if your application . In-house engineers will be given assistance and application management will become our responsibility. All this with best practices kept in mind, to ensure your solution will perform as expected.


Concrete benefits of our Technical Apllication Management service (TAM)


Our specialists have many years of experience managing various SAM applications for many customers globally ranging from SMB to Enterprise customers.

Up-to-date and well configured

TAM ensures your applicationis up-to-date,  and configured based on your requirements and our advice.


Excellence applied

Best practices are continuously updated and kept in mind when it comes to application management, learn from world-leading companies through us.

Knowledge base

Our specialists are readily available to assist and share their knowledge.

Which added value do clients experience?

Clients that make use of our TAM services learn from one another. Our involvement creates best practices that we continuously update and apply across the board, based on your requirements and our advice. They can count on their application being available when they need it, always up-to-date, with a   configuration which meets their requirements,  – and so can you.

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