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How do you manage software requests coming from all levels of your organization? How do you know if software contracts  are renewed on time? Do you still spend hours challenging the business, determining what needs to be renewed and what can be retired? Software lifecycle management (from request to re-harvesting) can be made easy – exactly what our Software Request Advisory Desk service aims to achieve.

With this service, a specialist team is put in place to manage all your software requests, throughout your entire organization. These specialists take care of all aspects related to the software lifecycle, from request to re-harvesting  and everything in between. This includes challenging the business, safeguarding delivery, chasing vendors, initiated procurement process, contract renewals, etc. All while continuously monitoring and improving the software lifecycle process to make it fit for purpose , for now and in the future.


Concrete benefits of our Software Request Advisory Desk service (SRA Desk)

Software lifecycle management made easy

Our specialists ensure that every part of your software lifecycle management is taken care of.


Our specialists will challenge your business stakeholders to ensure effective  utilization of business resources.


If there is potential to optimize by consolidating or  , these stones will not remain unturned and advise will be given to your stakeholders to realize this.

Practical approach

Our SRA desk will use your existing procurement processes as a solid foundation, starting out with what is currently available, with the aim to build and improve over time.

Never standing still

Our specialists will take charge, chase vendors and business and do everything within their power to ensure delivery comes through on time.

Our added value

Our experience and focus.

Which added value do clients experience?

Clients who use this service experience a weight being lifted off their shoulders. They see the Software Request Advisory Desk take charge,  gaining increased control of their spend, by reducing spend wherever possible and knowing that whenever money is spent, this is always a conscious choice.

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