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How do you manage your software spend? Usually your top 5 to 15 vendors are identified and able to be maintained. However, how you do you manage the rest of your vendors? The “Software Long Tail” is often challenging to manage and control. Our Software Long Tail Management Service will have an immediate impact on your software spend and will improve control.

This service takes a systematic but pragmatic approach towards managing your “Software Long Tail”, taking charge of what is mostly unmanaged or unclear. Providing clarity and insight into  what software is installed, what contracts are in place, involved costs and important stakeholders. Enabling organizations by showing what is there, cataloguing responsibilities, determining  how to manage certain vendors and challenging the business. Whilst doing so, these additional insights  can lead to  application rationalisation and termination of unused software.


Concrete benefits of our Software Long Tail Management Service

Providing clarity

Providing clarity on  important SAM information  of unmanaged software vendors and software applications.

Keeping control

Without proper controls and management, software spend and number of software application can run rampant.

Reducing spend, improving control

Managing your “Software Long Tail” will reduce software spend and improve level of control.

Additional insights

Next to providing clarity on software spend and control, additional insights can lead to application rationalization and termination of unused software.

Which added value do clients experience?

Clients that make use of our Software Long Tail Management Service immediately see a positive impact in the amount of work usually required to manage their Software Long Tail, and an almost instant return on investment. Through our service they are able to challenge the business and translate this into cost-savings and business value.


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