Software asset lifecycle management


Software asset lifecycle management (SALM) is a process that focuses on value maximization of software assets during their lifecycle. This lifecycle begins with software availability and ends with complete software disposal.

We help you set up the software lifecycle properly from inception to phasing out using our IT asset management expertise. We do this with our Sofware request advisory service that includes the following activities:


  • Set up and maintain the software catalog. Depending on the SAM tool used, the catalog may include clear product descriptions, approval processes and dashboards on successful catalog usage;
  • Review and process new requests and add them to the software catalog;
  • In close cooperation with purchasing, order the appropriate licenses, receive them and then register them in the SAM tool;
  • Transferring licenses and software to installation departments. An example is the configuration of license servers that regulate licenses for a maximum number of concurrent users;
  • Setting up software usage monitoring for compliance analysis;
  • Extending of support and maintenance subscriptions to maximize software utilization;
  • Canceling contracts and removing software from machines and the vendor catalog.


Effective, cost-efficient and secure software is quickly available to users within your organization.

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