Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

How do you manage the lifecycle of your software assets? How do you channel software requests, challenge software procurement, support software deployment, initiate software re-harvesting and manage sofware renewals?, How do you tie these into your stakeholders and their requirements? Our Software Asset Lifecycle Management (SALM) services focusses on the (lack of) current internal processes and optimize them.

Our SALM services ranges from something as simple as maintaining a software catalog, channel software requests, renewing software licenses, ensuring version management to implementing or automating a process where clear roles & responsibilities are defined. Triggered by the current internal processes and fit for purpose future state, our specialist will bring you to the next level of your Software Asset Lifecycle Management.


Concrete benefits of our Software Asset Lifecycle Management service


With vast knowledge of software lifecycle management our specialists will guide you on your journey.

Alignment with SAM

Current internal processes will be optimized or even created to align better with your SAM practice.

Fit for purpose

Depending on your desired end-state, processes are defined together, and you will be guided to this end-state by one of our experienced specialist.

Operational or strategic it's up to you

Within Software Asset Lifecycle Management we implement and execute both operational processes, and build strategic processes based on your requirements.

Best practice based, pragmatic approach

Based on best practices the initial proposal of the end-state is set up. After which a pragmatic approach is followed to determine the optimal fit for purpose end-state.

Our added value

Our experience.


Which added value do clients experience?

Clients with our SALM service notice that current internal processes align better with the management of the Software Asset Lifecycle. Therefore makes it easier and less time consuming to gain control of your software assets. Leading to a reduction on time spend regarding lifecycle management and ensuring that processes are executed.

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