Sam Vulnerability Management

In the rapidly changing world of ICT, with hackers getting increasingly smarter every day, organizations quickly find themselves exposed to all kinds of risks before they even realize it. Outdated and unsupported software leave holes in your network that cyber criminals can easily poke through. SAM Vulnerability Management adds value to your ICT Security in a very simple way.

Scan for security

ITAM solutions uses the power of data to keep your IT landscape safe. With SAM Vulnerability Management we perform an extensive security scan of all the software you have installed. We then use this scan to filter out the following high-risk data:

  • Systems without an active virus scanner
  • Systems with outdated software (including OS versions)
  • Systems with out-of-support software
  • Systems that have torrents or other malicious software installed
  • Systems containing blacklisted applications

Analysis and blacklisting

We collect all identified issues and structure them into a comprehensive excel file to provide a clear overview. Our specialists then cross-check the issues found against known vulnerabilities and high risk information, then supplement this data as necessary. We also update the blacklist in consultation with your ICT Security Officer.

Bringing risks into focus

The results of this scan, the SAM Vulnerability Report, will give you a clear picture of which systems contain dangerous software that contain vulnerabilities. Our specialists will also include recommendations for improvement with this report to help ensure you are effectively preventing risks.

Want to know more?

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