Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

Do you want to become in control of your software landscape? Is your software expenditure at a manageable level? Do you have a solid SAM policy in place with well-defined, fixed processes? Or is it time to start taking steps to expand your field of vision, improve your control and place your SAM team in the driver’s seat? Our SAM Maturity Assessment will help you map out your current situation, providing you with a concrete and realistic roadmap towards SAM maturity.

The SAM Maturity Assessment is tailored to your needs. It will provide SAM maturity insights through thorough analysis. Based on our SAM growth model, best practices and experience we will indicate your organization’s SAM As-Is & To-Be maturity. During the process we will identify potential risks and improvement opportunities. In consultation with you we define your end in mind, whereafter we will create a fit-for-purpose, step-by-step roadmap to get you to the targeted SAM maturity level.


SAM Growth model

Every SAM Maturity Assessment is based on the SAM Growth model developed by ITAM solutions, based on our longstanding SAM expertise and  many years of experience with SAM at a large number of organizations (SME and large enterprises) in various sectors. The model consists of four phases of SAM maturity: Base, Optimize, Excellence and Full Control.

SAM Maturity Assessment SAM Growth Model

Concrete benefits of our SAM Maturity Assesment.

Providing insight

Showing the currentSAM maturity of your organization and the mandatory next steps.

Best practice driven

Builing “next practices” into “best practices” due to years of experience.

Learn from other organizations

Our ecosystem of clients is ideal to let organizations learn from eachother.

Step-by-step plan for improvement

Providing your organization with a step-by-step roadmap to improve SAM maturity.

Fit for purpose

Based on the knowledge & expertise of our professionals we will guide you, but always tailored to your organization needs.

Our added value

Our experience, your guiding light.


Which added value do clients experience?

Clients making use of the SAM Maturity Assessment gain an understanding of their current situation, how to change and evolve their SAM practices. Provided with a fit for purpose, step-by-step roadmap to improve executed by our specialists or taking it on themselves with our guidance. Always providing value and increased consciousness.

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