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SAM Maturity Assessment


How is your organization performing in the field of Software Asset Management? Do you have full control over your software landscape? Is your software expenditure at a manageable level? Do you have a solid SAM policy in place with well-defined, fixed processes? Or is it time to start taking steps to expand your field of vision, improve your control and place your SAM team in the driver’s seat? ITAM solutions’ SAM Maturity Assessment will help you map out your current situation, providing you with a concrete and realistic roadmap towards SAM maturity.

The SAM Maturity Assessment is always a customized solution, tailored to your needs. Based on desk research and interviews with stakeholders, we first evaluate the ‘as is’ situation. We then complete a detailed inventory to analyze the organization’s current position with regards to SAM, identifying potential risks and possibilities for improvement. After initial consultation, we move on to define the desired ‘to be’ situation. Once we have agreed on the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ situation, we’ll prepare the SAM Roadmap – a realistic step-by-step plan to achieve SAM maturity.

SAM Growth model

Every SAM Maturity Assessment is based on the SAM Growth model developed by ITAM solutions, based on our longstanding SAM expertise and  many years of experience with SAM at a large number of organizations (SME and large enterprises) in various sectors. The model consists of four phases of SAM maturity: Base, Optimize, Excellence and Full Control.


Our way of working

ITAM solutions will examine your organization from a SAM expertise point of view and identify any areas of concern that must be tackled to allow your SAM organization to grow.


Steps Actions Who
1 Kick-off > We discuss our work approach, project scope, action plan and mutual expectations. Customer and ITAM solutions
2 Desk research and interviews with stakeholders and relevant contact persons Customer and ITAM solutions

‘As is’: identify and present the current situation based on the ITAM solutions SAM Maturity model


ITAM solutions
4 Client issues/collects feedback on ‘as is’. ITAM solutions processes feedback and defines the ‘to be’ situation based on the ITAM solutions SAM Maturity model ITAM solutions
5 Mutually determine ‘to be’ and draw up SAM Roadmap with a 1 and 3 year scope ITAM solutions
6 Final presentation SAM Assessment results: report, SAM Roadmap, business case and further clarification . Customer and ITAM solutions

Our added value


  • Detailed ‘as is’ description paying special attention to SAM policy, process, staffing, tooling
  • Realistic ‘to be’ description paying special attention to SAM policy, process, staffing, tooling
  • SAM Roadmap > Draft implementation plan with clearly defined steps from ‘as is’ to ‘to be’ including financial business case, risk management and short term (1yr) and medium term (3yr) goals.

Good to know

The SAM Assessment will not only provide your organization with valuable insight, but will also pave the way for Strategic Software Asset Management. ITAM solutions can offer you the necessary expertise and resources in all stages of this journey.

Direct contact

Are you ready for the next important step in SAM? Knowing your current status is an excellent way to start. Our software and IT asset management specialists would be happy to put their expertise at your disposal and help lift SAM in your organization to a higher level of maturity. For more information about SAM Maturity Assessment, simply complete our contact form, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions and are always open to an informal talk to discuss your prospective needs.

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