Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O) service

Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

How do you ensure that insight and advice results into value throughout your organization? Is assigning owners and managing stakeholders a challenge within your organization? How do you keep track of actions to pick up, validate, prioritize them accordingly and make certain that actions get executed and issues get resolved? What about the translation into value for transparency when risks are mitigated and costs are saved? That is exactly what our Remediation & Optimization Management service (R&O) aims to realize.

With this service, our specialist will manage the backlog of (remediation/optimization) actions, help you to validate the feasibility and find the best way to prioritize and work together with you and stakeholders throughout your organization to capitalize on the value from insights discovered during the execution of your SAM program.


Concrete benefits of our remediation & optimization management service (R&O).

Converting insights into values

R&O will enable you to convert insight into action points into values for the organization.

Results driven

For R&O achieving results, completing actions and attaining value is the main driver.



During R&O our specialists will be working together, alongside you and your stakeholders to determine the right action at the right time.

Increasing awareness

R&O will increase awareness about SAM and the value it brings for your stakeholders every step of the way.

Additional insights

By performing R&O and conversing with your stakeholders, potential additional insights can be identified and acted upon, often leading to interesting new discoveries.

Our added value

Our experience structured approach and continuous attention.

Which added value do clients experience?

Clients that have chosen to make use of this service see an almost immediate return on investment. Initially from capitalizing on value derived from existing insights gathered in the rest of their SAM program, but also through unexpected additional insights, overshooting original goals in both monetary and, value.

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