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Publisher Priority Setting (PPS) 


A common mistake in Software Asset Management (SAM), is to try and get every tiny detail organized and under control all at once. This kind of approach would make SAM an extensive, complex, unstructured and time-consuming task. We know from experience that it’s far better to focus your efforts in a few selected places where they will be the most effective. The right responds to this is focussing on Publisher Priority Setting (PPS).

Systematic evaluation
The Publisher Priority Setting (PPS) Process is a dedicated analysis and assessment method specifically designed by ITAM solutions to prioritize software vendors in a uniform, systematic manner. With the help of this tried and true method, you can ensure that all your publishers are assessed according to a defined systematic evaluation, leading to responsible PPS choices.

We will help you define the criteria for prioritization in an implementation workshop, taking into account relevant management information and decisions. You will then be able to score all publishers based on the chosen criteria and, in no time at all, the PPS will provide you with a hotlist of publishers to tackle first. Once this step of your SAM process is successfully completed, you can set up a new PPS to proceed with further optimization.

Our proven method of prioritization


Steps Actions Responsibility


Kick-off to define criteria and select data sources. ITAM solutions clearly explains what PPS entails, how it works and what information is required.

Customer begins the data collection process data and sends the required data to ITAM solutions.

ITAM solutions & Customer



Workshop / Operations

ITAM solutions processes data in PPS model.

Scoring publishers: Customer organization scores every publisher according the agreed upon criteria, assisted by ITAM solutions.

Prioritizing publishers: once the scoring system is applied, a clear prioritization will emerge , which can then be fine-tuned based on available (management) information.

ITAM solutions



ITAM solutions & Customer


Knowledge Transfer

Validation: confirm the PPS for the coming year

Set up process documentation: guideline for future PPS actions.

ITAM solutions

Our added value

  • Expert insight based on risk and value analysis per software supplier
  • Up-to-date knowledge expertise about publishers, incl. audit risks
  • A hotlist of publishers to start on right away


Good to know

A possible next step, after setting publisher priority, is the mapping out of your contracts. What rights and obligations could emerge from your contractual agreements? What are your options and the best next steps? ITAM solutions can help you with the Contract & License Entitlement Management (C&LEM) service.


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