The Municipality of Rotterdam was looking for a partner who would be able to offer support in the field of Software Asset Management (SAM) as well as provide pro-active advice on the subject matter. ITAM solutions was awarded the assignment through a tender process.

Vaughan Mulder, Team Leader Technical Management at the Municipality of Rotterdam, states that ITAM solutions’ impressive references were an important factor in awarding them the assignment. “Another important deciding factor,” he adds, “was the authenticity they demonstrated during the first introductory meetings. They were open and honest, and this included full transparency about certain challenges we might encounter. That last is very rare.”

Simone van Sambeek, Managing Director at ITAM solutions: “The Municipality of Rotterdam had drawn up specific requirements. Based on our best practices and our SAM Growth Model, we were able to lay out a concrete strategy that met the requirements of the municipality on all fronts. I am extremely proud that our team is able to help the City of Rotterdam on its journey to SAM maturity.”

Clear overview of the infrastructure
“The ITAM solutions team consists of pragmatic, flexible people who know how to fulfil their agreements,” says Mulder. “They are currently advising us pro-actively on SAM policy within the Municipality of Rotterdam. By using the Publisher Priority Setting method, they have prioritized the various software vendors for us, Giving us a complete and clear overview of our infrastructure. This, in turn, will help us identify risks and opportunities with regards to software use. “

What plans for the future?
Mulder: “The beginning of the partnership went very smoothly and I definitely hope to continue this collaboration. If everything goes according to plan, we will have reached the excellence level of the SAM Growth Model in a few years, where the focus lies on optimizing the infrastructure in relation to software licenses.”

Pro-active advice from other departments
Van Sambeek adds: “By that time, as a partner of the Municipality of Rotterdam, we can focus on proactively advising departments other than just the IT department. This includes finance, purchasing, legal and security. We will be doing this based on the large amount of valuable software and license information that we are currently collecting. I am convinced that this data empowerment will be of great added value for the municipality of Rotterdam in the near future.”

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