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How to save costs with LPO on Concurrent Licensing Model software


Software licenses purchased using a Concurrent Licensing Model (for example: design and simulation software) is often very expensive. It is logical that companies want to use the available licenses efficiently and effectively and especially not buy more licenses than strictly necessary. Fortunately, we have access to plenty of data, which willl allow you to save a lot of money on software, especially with the help of License Position Optimization (LPO).

License Position Optimization (LPO)

ITAM solutions offers License Position Optimization (LPO), an unique service that enables companies to get maximum value from their software so that they can save costs by avoiding to pay more than they need to. We do this by analyzing data, combining license server log files with organizational data such as population, departments, functions and features. We match this data and map it into clear dashboards that provide insights for optimization.

Improved business insights

The LPO is always customized. Together, we determine the relevant queries and datasets that potentially provide the most value. Examples include: trend analysis use, named vs. floating licenses, purchasing the most affordable functionalities, demand & forecast planning and other relevant business insights. By using data, a gut feeling is replaced by solid statistics. That way you are able to make better decisions, save money and maximize the value of your software tools.

The way we work:


  • ITAM solutions collects the log files from the license server
  • Client collects the relevant organizational data¬†after mutual agreement on the query.
  • ITAM solutions matches the data and organises it into one or more dashboards. Based on the data, we provide an optimization advice.
  • Together we interpret the advice and determine the required actions.
  • After implementing the optimization, we can repeat the cycle as required.

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