April 25, 2022 – In early April, ITAM solutions acquired the activities of Gorinchem-based ITSM service provider InfraVision. With this acquisition, ITAM solutions continues to build on its growth strategy and unique proposition in the market: an integrated IT management service that covers various disciplines: ITAM, ITSM, ESM and SIAM.

Expertise and tooling on board

With the current acquisition of InfraVision, ITAM solutions strengthens its position on the market even further, by adding expertise to the areas of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Service Integration and Management (SIAM). InfraVision brings additional ITSM expertise on board with proven technology for optimal process control and service delivery. It enables ITAM Solutions to build its new proposition with the aim of offering its customers and partners attractive benefits in terms of scale, capacity, long-term continuity, efficiency, specialist knowledge and innovation.

Unique proposition: Identity Lifecycle Management

The user’s perspective is decisive for strategic steps, it is therefore no coincidence that ITAM solutions has built a bridge between disciplines in IT that are so closely related: IT Asset Management and IT Service Management. Two disciplines that are in full service to the employee journey. Khalid Hafid, CEO of ITAM solutions: “By reasoning from the perspective of the IT user, we are in a much better position to gain and maintain complete control of software and hardware assets across their entire lifecycle. That is exactly what we have in mind with Identity Lifecycle Management. We put the entire IT management in the service of the customer, simply a person (identity) that needs to be facilitated from the moment he or she enters an organization until his or her departure. Facilitation, in fact, as it was always intended to be”.

Growth opportunities for IT talent

International bestselling author of ‘Gen Z, desire for change’ René Boender explains why ITAM solutions is taking a unique step into the future with this acquisition: “Organizations should adapt more to the needs of younger generations in order to maintain a strong appeal, otherwise they will not come to work for you. Technology plays an indispensable role when attempting to connect to these younger generations, proving that the future is truly tech-driven, because without it, the flexibility we have come to expect simply cannot be achieved.”

ITAM solutions will continue to work on innovative integrated services in the coming period in order to relieve customers of all their IT-related concerns and achieve an optimal user experience. It also makes the company an attractive employer for (young) IT talent looking for an innovative work environment with plenty of opportunities and growth potential. New talent is therefore always welcome.

InfraVision is now part of ITAM solutions 

InfraVision is leading expert in IT Service Managment, Enterprise Service Management and System integrations and Management (ITSM,ESM,SIAM). We recently joined forces to enhence our portofolio and build a unique combination of products and services. Visit the website of InfraVision and learn more!

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