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Do you know the ins and outs of your SAM Tooling/Application? How do you use the tool effectively and efficiently and utilize its full potential? How do you enable the tool to do its job and more? How can you create valuable insights and are able to get the most out of your chosen solution? That is what our Functional Application Management (FAM) service entails.

With  our FAM service, you will gain access to years of cumulative knowledge and experience concerning SAM tooling. Certified professionals will be available to assist you and share their knowledge on how to attain your desired insights and unlock the value hidden within your  SAM solution.



Concrete benefits of our Functional Application Management service (FAM)


Our specialists have many years of experience managing various SAM applications for many customers globally ranging from SMB to Enterprise customers.


Our specialists will speak with you/stakeholders to align your needs, define what you wish to see and provide you with ways to get the necessary insight.

3. Value driven

Whilst assisting you/stakeholders our professionals  will always aim for generating insight that provides added value and will advise you accordingly.


Creating insight that works for you and your goals, no one-size-fits-all approach but  a fit for purpose approach.

Best practice based

Lessons learned from all our clients are applied in our best practice based approach.

Our added value

Our experience and focus.

Which added value do clients experience?

Clients that make use of FAM feel empowered. If they are unsure about  how the  works, they can reach out for help and find a suitable solution.  They are able to identify valuable insights with the help of our experienced professionals and get tips on how to convert these insights into value.

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