Financial management


Software costs represent at least 25% of the total IT expenditure of organizations and this share is increasing. It is therefore important to maximize the return on software and to take advantage of savings opportunities. This raises questions. What are the largest cost items? Who are using the software? What is the software used for? Are we paying too much?

With financial management, we will help you optimize and monitor software usage and spending. We’ll provide you with detailed insight into who is spending which amounts and what they are spending it on by using the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework. TBM allows us to fully integrate software costs in your cost structure, business values and key objectives. We bring our added value in the form of expertise on licenses, taxonomy, capex/opex, depreciations and cost allocation. We will produce clear reports that can, for example, trace software costs to specific departments and key users, provide insight into costs per laptop, or simply focus on forecasting.



– Identified cost savings opportunities;
– Determine whether expenditures was in proportion to a specified goal and competitively priced in the current market.
– Accurate forecasting of software investments;
– Ensure cost awareness within the organization;
– Link costs to services and owners (TCO);
– Preventing an unconstrained build-up of software products.

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