ITAM solutions and the renowned research and consultancy firm Gartner (Connecticut, USA) have a collaboration. They want to further develop the (vision on) field of IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management and increase the added value for organizations.

Looking back on the past years, IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management made a valuable contribution to compliance within organizations (avoiding the risk of heavy software fines). Nowadays we see the attention is shifting more and more to cost reduction of IT assets, safety and productivity of employees.

The shift to the cloud has not made the IT landscape any simpler. Employees can subscribe to cloud services more easily than ever before, with or without the intervention of the IT department. In addition, employee populations are changing rapidly and dramatically. Where you have big predictability on premise, you can easily lose transparency in the cloud.

ITAM solutions and Gartner are drawing attention to the disciplines ITAM and SAM. In the coming period ITAM solutions will develop and share their vision and expertise based on the renowned Gartner research.

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