Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

How do you measure your software usage? Are you able to determine your usage and know if you are within bounds of your license agreements? Discovery and Inventory Management (DIM) is essential for executing usage and compliance checks.
Reliable information gathering regarding usage is a complex task to achieve, with and especially without a SAM tooling Our SAM specialists can help you gain the required insight.

DIM will help you understand what is in use and create a clear overview. Trained professionals are able to assist where needed and go beyond what a tool might be capable of if required. Our DIM service can support you with SAM tool implementation and configuration or help you create processes to identify and gather your usage information. Providing insight and enable pro-active SAM processes.


Concrete benefits of our Discovery & Inventory Management service

Creating insight

Creating complete & accurate insight in actual usage is one of the most important aspects related to SAM.

Enabling the organization

Enabling the organization to create and execute pro-active SAM processes.

Going beyond what a tool can bring

Our specialists can support your tool and go beyond if mandatory.


Our specialists are well- versed in discovering software installations and usage of various software publishers andall sizes of organizations.


Which added value do clients experience?

Clients often have some idea on what software is installed, but actual software usage metering is something else.With our DIM service our clients are certain with regards to their usage. Being through tooling or manual work we have been able to provide our clients with clear overviews regarding software installations and usage, enabling them to perform compliance checks, optimizations and remediate incompliance. Year over year these insights grant millions of euros in risk avoidance and savings.

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