Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

Without knowing which software you are entitled to use, it is impossible to manage your software assets. Gaining insight into all the different software licenses and contracts you have with software publishers can be a hefty task. Gathering the documents, keeping it up to date,making the administration transparent for all stakeholders involved with or without a SAM tool, is challenging. However, it is essential for the execution of effective SAM.

C&LEM is one of our core services, a proven methodology to keep acomplete & accurate overview of your software entitlements in- or/and outside of your SAM tool. Fully outsourced or kept in house, setting up a clear & feasible process is always key. aComplete & accurate representation of your entitlements will increase control and reducetime of information gathering by 80% during contract renewals, negotiations, cost savings initiatives, compliance checks and software audits.


Concrete benefits of our Contract & License Entitlement Management service (C&LEM)

Proven methodology

Applied extensively throughout our customer base. Best practice-based approach and continuously improving.

Systematic and methodical

A systematic and methodical approach ensuring it is understandable & transparent for all stakeholders involved.

One centralized overview

Providing an overview that can be made available, ensuring you have a single source of truth regarding your entitlements which is readily available for allstakeholders.


Time saving

Clients that implemented C&LEM can reducetime of gathering entitlement informationby 80%

Enabling effective SAM

C&LEM is the foundation of effective SAM, without it no proper license compliance position can be determined.

Our added value

Our experience.


Which added value do clients experience?

Clients that implemented or outsourced the C&LEM process reduce time spent (up to 80%) on gathering software entitlements & contracts. Have fact based discussions with their suppliers and can execute cost-saving actions and optimize their spending. Clients feel more comfortable when faced with an audit and can execute compliance checks ahead of time based on the information coming from C&LEM.

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