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Contract & License Entitlement Management

Contract & License Entitlement Management (C&LEM) is a vital basic step in Software Asset Management. C&LEM means you know where you are right now. C&LEM gives you a clear insight into your licenses and contracts with software vendors and guarantees that you know the precise nature of the rights and obligations arising from these agreements. By making C&LEM an integral part of your IT management, you maintain control over your software expenditure.

The primary objective of C&LEM is to create adequate and consistent software contract and license management. You can introduce C&LEM at any time, ITAM solutions would be happy to convert all your contract agreements and license specifications into a standardized format. Combining all your software contracts will provide you with a complete overview (the C&LEM baseline) and all the advantages that come with it. The C&LEM baseline:

  • provides a clear overview on and insight into your rights and obligations for contracts and licenses
  • makes financial risks visible
  • encourages compliant performance
  • is excellent preparation for audits and inspections
  • provides solid input for software investment plans
  • provides insight into your position in software vendor negotiations.

By storing and maintaining all your contract and license documents in a structured and standardized manner, you will not only save valuable time, you will also have any information you need right at your fingertips.

Our work approach for adequate C&LEM

Step Action Who
1 Kick-off > We discuss our work approach, the contract and license information we need, the step-by-step plan and mutual expectations. Customer and ITAM
2 Collect all relevant contract information. We will assist you with our C&LEM checklist. Customer
3 Analyze all C&LEM data from various documents. ITAM
4 Prepare a C&LEM baseline: all relevant contract information recorded in a singlestandardized table. ITAM
5 Submit C&LEM deliverables. ITAM
6 Validation and approval of C&LEM baseline. Customer and ITAM
7 Optional: advice on the next stages of C&LEM. A step-by-step plan/work approach to help keep C&LEM in good order in the future. ITAM
8 Optional: onboarding of C&LEM data in tooling. If present/required, all C&LEM data will be entered in a software asset management tool such as Snow, Flexera, etc. ITAM

Our added value

  • A streamlined and standardized administration with all software contracts
  • An overview (baseline) of all rights and obligations per supplier
  • A Knowledge Map with all customer/supplier specifications

Also useful

C&LEM goes hand in hand with SAM Discovery & Inventory Management, a tooling-based system that helps you measure your software installed base and usage. This tells you exactly what you are permitted to do and how much of your capacity you actively use.

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