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Company mergers acquisitions and internal consolidations have great impact from a SAM perspective. What software contracts and entitlements does the acquired company have, what can be merged and what terminated? What software is actually used and what level of application rationalisation is possible?  Our Contract Consolidation, Merger & Acquisition Management Service provides answers to all these questions and will guide you in taking appropriate action.

With this service, our professionals will come assist you in your journey. Performing due diligence by gathering data, conducting interviews, defining an approach concerning consolidating,  or other  which will then be executed in mutual agreement. Our professionals  will work together with stakeholders, perform contractual analyses and provide support during negotiations, enabling you to align the IT landscapes of the organizations and receive the best fit-for-purpose contracts, often leading to better conditions and minimizing overspend.


Concrete benefits of our Contract Consolidation, Merger & Acquisition Service


Our specialists have assisted multiple (global, enterprise) organizations in both successful integrations and disentanglements of IT landscapes.


Better conditions

Consolidating  software contracts often leads to better contractual and pricing conditions.

Simplifying management

Consolidating multiple contracts provides simplified contract/vendor management and improves clarity.

Reducing waste/costs

Consolidating contracts and   termination of unused software reduces wasted resources in terms of both money and time.


Our specialists will  work together, alongside you and your stakeholders, to determine the right action at the right time.

Our added value

Our experience and focus.

Which added value do clients experience?

We have assisted multiple global clients in multiple consolidations, mergers and acquisitions by a clear project approach, achieving (cost) optimization and aligning all organizations/IT landscapes involved. We have also enabled organizations to get the best possible contractual terms and conditions, whilst reducing waste, resulting in millions of euros being saved.

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