Cloud management


Software vendors such as Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce have switched in the last few years from one-time license purchases to monthly subscriptions based on SaaS services from the cloud. Cloud management offers your organization the opportunity to continuously tune licenses to actual and meaningful use. No longer need the application? Then terminate the subscription! In this way, you only pay for what you actually need.

However, organizations are currently paying 30 to 40% too much. Therefore, potential savings run to millions of euros for larger organizations. In order to achieve this, however, you need to have insight into usage. This is not just about usage figures. It is also about the extent to which it contributes to the achievement of organizational goals. In short, added value.

Our FinOps Approach

We help your organization extract optimal business value from SaaS licenses, including IaaS and PaaS. We do this based on Financial Optimization principles (FinOps). The core of FinOps is: business, IT and finance work closely together to get the maximum financial benefit from cloud usage.

The way we do this is as described below:

  1. We measure actual license usage in real time using smart tools like Snow and ServiceNow.
  2. Based on our expertise in software licensing, measurement tools and data analytics, we generate informative, easy-to-read reports on SaaS licensing costs and usage.
  3. Based on the reports, we facilitate the discussion between business, IT and finance about efficient and effective use. This includes questions such as: are you using the licenses (fully)? To which department or service can the associated license costs be charged? Are the costs in proportion to what the service provides? Looking ahead, what use do you expect to see in the coming period?

Optimal return of investment 

Using our approach, we will be able to bring about a fundamental culture change. One in which every cloud investment has its own business owner with insight into its usage. A business owner who takes full responsibility and whose thoughts and actions are driven by the business value that the investment delivers. This will help your organization correctly prioritize cloud investment decisions, while taking all relevant parties taken into account.


Cloud maturity assessment

Where does your organization stand in terms of cloud usage? Is your organization exploiting the cloud optimally? Is its use under control and are the costs manageable? With our cloud maturity assessment we fully map out the current situation and offer you a concrete roadmap to maturity in cloud use.

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