Remediation & Optimization Management (R&O)

How do you ensure that you use your cloud and SaaS instances effectively? How do you leverage the potential given with cloud and SaaS? Are you aware of your spending and do you know if you might be overspending? Withi the Cloud Cost Management service Our team of specialists will leave no stone unturned in getting you these answers. Creating insight in your cloud and SaaS and providing you with advice on how to apply these resources effectively and leveraging the potential it has.

It is estimated that organizations will be overspending sifnificantly on SaaS subscriptions.. Meaning many millions of euros are wasted.. By implementing Cloud Cost Management (based on FinOps) you will be able to pro-actively manage IaaS & SaaS usage within your environment, whereby the setup and adaptation of processes and reporting is key. Resulting in conscious decisions, controlled cloud environment and managed cloud costs.


Concrete benefits of our Cloud Cost Management service

Creating insight

Cloud Cost Management will enable you to make decisions based on facts & figures.


Increasing awareness

By adopting Cloud Cost Management, you will increase your stakeholder awareness throughout the organization.

Leveraging FinOps practices

Cloud Cost Management aligns with known FinOps practices and implements these througout your organization.

Pragmatic approach

Starting out small and scale up over time, ending up in practices reverberating throughout your organization.

Enabling conscious decision making

Cloud Cost Management will enable you to make decisions based on facts & figures.

Our added value

Our experience.


Which added value do clients experience?

Clients that make use of our Cloud Cost Management service become aware of their actual cloud costs and receive tools to get in control. Creating awareness with reports and adaptation with new processes will ensure a cultural shift within the organization regarding the control of cloud costs.

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