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Auteur: Ezra Sitanala
Director Services

An IT environment is in many ways comparable to the human body. Both consist of various components that work together to ensure that everything functions at its best. And just as we pay regular visits to the doctor for medical check-ups, regular scans of your IT (software) environment are vital for your IT health. So why check your software health?

Because cleaning up your software licenses can prevent a lot of stress and misery. Software audit fines can amount to millions, and you can save considerable sums with a solid license package.

Unnecessary licenses
Having too many unused licenses is nearly as common as having too few licenses. Annual License contracts are often unknowingly extended and paid for. So, gaining insight into the dynamic IT environment of medical centres is vital, especially in times of economic scarcity and spending cuts.

Insight into your license portfolio is becoming more important, but also increasingly challenging. Who is using which software? And what are the daily risks in terms of software compliance? Our colleague Ezra Sitanala explains why it is important to get a grip on the software environment: “Like other large companies, hospitals and healthcare institutions have goals for cost savings and process automation. With regularly changing license metrics, cloud software and increasing use of mobile devices by hospital staff, it is difficult to determine whether sufficient software licenses are in place”.

Could you use some help with IT Health and expert advice about the possible risks that you encounter as a hospital or medical centre?
If you would you like to know how to improve the overview of your software contracts, licenses and assets, we would be happy to pay you a visit and discuss matters over a cup of coffee.

About ITAM solutions
Several University Medical Centres in the Netherlands are already ITAM Solutions customers. As an independent party, the company sets up processes to map your actual software use. This is compared with the available software licenses and we give our expert advice to streamline your licensing and save you money.

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