Following a succesful collaboration, which involved resolving a licensing issue with a major software vendor, Nol Schrijvers (Beekenkamp Group) explains why he recommends ITAM solutions…


Beekenkamp Group is a global player in the agricultural sector, specializing in vegetables, pot and bedding plants, packaging and chrysanthemums. True to their motto “Together for the best results”, Beekenkamp and ITAM solutions achieved those ‘best results’ in a recent collaborative effort.

ITAM solutions used their knowledge and expertise to help the Beekenkamp organization resolve a licensing issue with a major software vendor.


Nol Schrijvers (Head of ICT, Beekenkamp Group):

“ITAM solutions helped us, in their very professional and competent manner, with a licensing issue involving a major software vendor. What appealed to me most about their approach was that they relieved me of all case-related burdens.

Licensing contracts are not my favourite things to deal with, but they are for ITAM. So, after a thorough analysis and support with responding to the software vendor, it ended up being a very successful case. This is why I would recommend ITAM if you ever have an issue with contract licensing.”


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