ITAM, Your partner for Software License Management

At ITAM solutions we focus on IT Asset Management (ITAM). Everything that we do supports our ambition: helping organizations grow in the ITAM program and sharing our expertise with them. Our experts are passionate about ITAM and embody our key values: deliver on what we promise, being hands-on and putting our customers first in everything we do.

ITAM solutions is fully independent of software vendors. This means there is no conflict of interest when advising our customers about solutions. Our independence, combined with our expertise in all competency areas of ITAM enable us to be the most professional, reliable and best strategic ITAM partner.

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Cut costs

We help our customers to cut costs and manage financial risks through IT Asset Management.

Insight in your software

ITAM provides insight into an organization’s software landscape and associated licenses.

Independant advise

You can rest assured that our advice and recommendations are fully independent.

How can a ITAM program support your organization?

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) program allows organizations to gain control over their increasingly complex software infrastructures. By mapping, efficiently managing and optimizing existing software packages and associated licenses, you can reduce organizational costs and financial risks whilst conforming to compliance regulations.

To summarize: a ITAM program ensures you make the most of your software and related investments.

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Services ITAM solutions

ITAM solutions divides the entire ITAM program into 17 core competency areas. These areas are, in turn, linked to three main pillars:

We offer expertise in each of the highly varied ITAM core competency areas. This allows us to support customers across all aspects of this complex subject matter. By allowing organizations to make use of our experience and know-how, we help them grow.

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Independent and practical support

ITAM solutions clients can rest assured that our advice and recommendations are fully independent. We are not focused on selling software; with us, it’s all about advice and support for IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software License Management (SLM).

This means there is no conflict of interest when it comes to our services. As a result, we can advise our clients from a completely independent perspective and support them in setting up an effective, tailor-made path to ITAM growth.

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